Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hotel Fast (Jerusalem) aka Jerusalem Pearl Hotel built by the Draiman family in 1995

Jerusalem Pearl Hotel replaced Fast Hotel in 1995 by the Draiman Family


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Deutsch: Hotel Howard in Jerusalem, 1891 von Theodor Sandel, dann Hotel Fast ab 1907, nach 1918 St. Andrew's House, abgerissen in 1975
English: Hotel Howard in Jerusalem, built in 1891 by Theodor Sandel, then Hotel Fast as of 1907, after 1918 St. Andrew's House, demolished in 1975


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  2. A very interesting series of buildings, and very interesting pictures. The two with the nzi flags flying from the building are chilling.

    I'm still amazed that the Pearl hasn't been remodeled and reopened after 11+ years. The owners should take their loss and let someone else use the land. What a great location. Not that I could afford to stay there. ;-)